The Musician

The Next Generation of Rhythm is here!

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Step into the role of a Guitarist, Pianist, or Drummer to jam out today's hits and classics!
Put on a magical performance and use Fever to give your audience an encore of a lifetime.

Simple, Clean and Flat Design.

Treat your eyes to gorgeous HD graphics and smooth menu navigation wrapped in a sleek presentation.


Each note touched, plays life-like piano key sounds. All 88 keys are played to beautiful harmonies while piano techniques creates diversity from one song to another. What sounds will you discover?


Play over 330 unique sounds using various guitars including Acoustic, Classical, Electric and much more! Emulating the real sounds of the guitar, you'll play and hear techniques such as stroke, arpeggio, bending. etc.


Surround yourself with the sounds of the drum set. Feel immersed, as every note plays differently from one song to another. Staying in rhythm is key! Now your neighbor won't have to complain about the sounds!